March 11, 2023/Media

Two Years Later: American Rescue Plan Still Delivering – No Thanks to GOP

On the two-year anniversary of President Biden signing the American Rescue Plan into law, North Carolinians are still benefiting from the relief President Biden and Democrats delivered – with no help from a single Republican. 

Thanks to President Biden and Democrats, the American Rescue Plan has created the strongest jobs recovery on record, provided tax relief for working families, brought child poverty to a record low, led a small business boom, bolstered public safety and crime prevention in our communities, and more  – with no help from a single Republican. 

“Despite Republicans’ attempts to stop them, President Biden and Democrats came into office and worked immediately to provide relief for working Americans. Two years later, North Carolinians are seeing the results in their communities: record low unemployment, tax relief for working families, small businesses are on the rise, and that’s just the beginning. While MAGA Republicans continue to prioritize their extreme agenda over the needs of working families, President Biden and Democrats remain focused on finishing the job,” said North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Anderson Clayton.

Here’s a reminder about just some of the critical relief Republicans opposed: 

  • A strong economic recovery, with North Carolina unemployment falling to 3.8 percent, as compared to 5.6 percent when President Biden took office, and 353,000 new jobs.
  • Helping foster 336,000  new small business applications in North Carolina.
  • Direct pandemic relief to all 647 North Carolina towns, cities, and counties.
  • Vital education funding for over 110 school districts in North Carolina to support academic recovery post-pandemic.
  • Help for 4,200 child care programs in North Carolina to keep their doors open, impacting up to 371,000 children.
  • Working family tax relief for 1.3 million families in North Carolina and an expanded Earned Income Tax Credit for 601,000 works in North Carolina.
  • Affordable, high-speed internet for 78,000 homes and businesses in North Carolina.
  • Vital relief for 2,576 North Carolina restaurants through the American Rescue Plan’s Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

Read the full North Carolina fact sheet.