August 3, 2020/Media, Press

Tillis Predicted Everything Will Be Better in August. Meanwhile, “There’s No National Testing Strategy”

Just days into August – the month Senator Tillis predicted would be when everything will look different – North Carolina was forced to enter into a “first-of-its-kind” testing compact with six other states because the federal government has failed to implement a national testing strategy. Senator Tillis and the Administration have consistently failed North Carolinians on handling the coronavirus – from testing, to help for those out of work, and more.

SHOT: Tillis Predicted by August Everything Will Look Different and that “We’ll be Doing Million and Millions of Tests.”

  • Tillis: “We’ll be doing million and millions of tests, we’ll do the antibody tests, we’ll have good reports, I think, on the beginnings of economic progress. And I think all those things will benefit the president and they’ll benefit me.” [Politico, 5/6/20]

CHASER: North Carolina Banded Together with Six Other States Because “There’s No National Testing Strategy for Coronavirus” as Governor Cooper Laments “It Would Be Better if We had a Strong National Strategy.”

  • “In the absence of a national testing strategy for the novel coronavirus pandemic, seven governors have formed a first-of-its-kind purchasing compact they hope will pressure companies that make rapid-detection tests to quickly ramp up production.” [Washington Post, 8/4/20]
  • Governor Cooper: “[The federal failure] has hurt a lot. We wish there had been a federal testing strategy… As Governors we’ve had to step up and do the job… It would be better if we had a strong national strategy.” [Twitter, 8/4/20]