January 14, 2021/Media, Press

Three Questions Reporters Should Demand Answers From NC House Speaker Tim Moore After His Role In Perpetuating Election Fraud Conspiracy Theories

The President’s dangerous and unfounded claims of voter fraud attempted to undermine democracy and ultimately incited insurrectionists to storm the Capitol last Wednesday. But the President did not act alone. He was joined by his army of bootlickers, who have been stoking fears and repeating his lies for years, including none other than North Carolina House Speaker Tim Moore. 

Shortly after the election, Moore tweeted a photo, in which he is posing next to a “Fraud Squad” poster, showing that he had traveled to Pennsylvania to support the President’s efforts to overturn the election results. Rep. Kelly is also pictured holding a “Stop the Steal” sign – the slogan used by Republicans to incite the insurrectionists.

In the aftermath of the violent attacks at the Capitol, Speaker Moore hopes that people will forget his role, but he must be held accountable. 

Here are three questions reporters should ask of Speaker Moore and his Republican colleagues in the General Assembly who were accomplices in the President’s dangerous behavior. 

  1. Are Speaker Moore and Representative Hastings concerned that their support of the bogus election fraud campaign contributed to escalation at the Capitol?
  2. Do they feel any responsibility for what happened or acknowledge their role in perpetuating the lies that led to violent events? 
  3. Will they now admit that it was a free and fair election?