October 5, 2020/Media, Press

Steele Fights Back Against False and Misleading Attacks

CONCORD, NC. – North Carolina Republicans have released another set of false and misleading attacks which are intended to deceive voters with lies and racist dog whistles, because North Carolinians don’t trust Republicans when it comes to kitchen table issues. 

Dr. Aimy SteeleDemocratic Nominee for NC House District 82, has released the following statement in response to the false and misleading attacks: 

“I continue to be shocked but not surprised by the Republican Party’s blatant lies and attacks about me, my family, and the policies I support. As a mom of five, educator, and longtime advocate, I understand firsthand the needs of working families. From addressing the overwhelming burden of health care costs, to increasing funding for public schools and keeping our communities safe.

They’ve continued to lie about me wanting to defund the police because they are afraid to talk about how they’ve defunded our health care system. I am opposed to defunding the police.  My husband is a former police officer.  I am the daughter of veteran.  And I have a long held commitment to public safety.

Kristin Baker and her politician friends in Raleigh are afraid to run an election on their real record on schools, health care, and public safety. They’ve put corporate tax loopholes over the needs of our community, and chosen to lie about my political position and financial history, during an economic recession, to distract from how they’ve bankrupted our schools. Unlike Kristen Baker, I will work every day to make sure people can afford to see a doctor when they are sick, and expand access to care as we continue to grapple with COVID-19..

It is pitiful that Kristin and her team of corrupt, Raleigh insider friends think that they can get away with lying to the faces of the people of Cabarrus County, while selling them out with their votes in Raleigh. I will be a better choice, and I look forward to winning in November and delivering for the people of North Carolina.”