May 21, 2021/Media, Press

“Rough & Tumble” Primary Among GOP Rivals Continues This Week In #NCSEN

The “rough and tumble” race for the Republican nomination in North Carolina’s open U.S. Senate race is getting messier by the minute, and this week was no different. Take a look at the feuding causing early headaches for the NC GOP: 

  • This week, the Senate Conservatives Fund, which has endorsed Congressman Ted Budd, escalated their attacks in the primary, saying: “While there are four Republican candidates, there are only two conservatives.”
  • WCNC highlighted the race’s “GOP in-fighting” in an interview with failed loser Pat McCrory where he avoided questions and bragged about his toxic record as Governor — slashing unemployment benefits and criticizing the Trump administration for extending emergency unemployment benefits during the pandemic. 
  • A recent News & Observer article highlighted how all the candidates are focused on “courting” Trump, and attacking each other to try and secure his support. 
  • Senator Thom Tillis and primary candidate Mark Walker continue “feuding in public view,” it’s clear that “old slights die hard.” Tillis made his opinion clear in the primary this week by “ripping” apart Walker, but the former Congressman was quick to bite back. The News & Observer reported that Walker said “[Tillis’] support for McCrory and Budd ‘is really the gift that keeps on giving’ to Walker among primary voters. ‘For him to identify himself with Ted Budd and Pat McCrory says a lot. It says a lot that he would have a problem with me serving alongside of him and would prefer McCrory or Budd to be his companion senator. Why not Mark Walker? Why?.’”

“It was another rough week for the GOP primary rivals as personalities flared and less than subtle attacks were launched in desperate attempts to gain ground,” said Kate Frauenfelder, a spokeswoman for the NCDP. “It’s clear the crowded field of candidates is not backing down from the messy fight ahead as they continue to jockey for the Trump endorsement and the Republican nomination.” 

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