July 15, 2020/Media

On Filing Day, NCDP Calls Out Trump’s Tax Scam

As many North Carolinians file their taxes today, workers across the state and country continue to be laid off by the same corporations that received billions of dollars from Donald Trump’s 2018 tax scam. 

North Carolina’s unemployment rate remains near 13 percent while working families have been left behind by the administration’s economic policies. NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin issued the following statement: 

“While millions of Americans struggling to get by in the Trump economy file their taxes today, big corporations and banks have saved billions of dollars thanks to the president’s 2018 tax scam. We were promised by Republicans that their plan would create jobs and save working families money. Two years later, as we slide into a recession, we’ve seen that their promises were about as valuable as a degree from Trump University. North Carolinians deserve a president who will put the needs of middle class families first.”