April 14, 2021/Media, Press

New Polling Highlights Failed Loser Pat McCrory’s Weaknesses As Republican Primary Heats Up

New Republican polling reported on by The Hill confirms that the North Carolina GOP Senate primary is poised to get a whole lot messier and more chaotic for Republicans.

Former Governor Pat McCrory jumped into the race this morning, joining former Congressman Mark Walker in the primary — but despite the failed politician turned talk radio host’s best efforts, the new poll shows McCrory badly trailing potential candidate Lara Trump in a hypothetical contest.

McCrory is also trailing current Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson, who Republican sources confirmed to WRAL today is “seriously considering” a run and “has been encouraged to enter” as he reaches out to senior elected Republicans about the race. Embarrassingly for McCrory, only 15% of respondents think he is most capable of winning the 2022 general election. Clearly this already “ugly” primary is about to get worse as the GOP civil war escalates.

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The Hill: Lara Trump leads GOP field in North Carolina Senate race, poll shows

  • Former President Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump hasn’t said whether she’ll run for retiring Sen. Richard Burr’s (R-N.C.) seat next year, but she already has an imposing presence in the race.

  • A poll obtained by The Hill on Tuesday shows Lara Trump with a double-digit lead over a crowded field of current and potential GOP Senate candidates in North Carolina. The survey, conducted by the GOP polling firm Cygnal, found her garnering 32.4 percent in an eight-way primary contest. She’s followed in second place by North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson at 20.1 percent.

  • Of all the candidates included in the poll, Lara Trump scored the highest net favorability rating, as well, coming in at 66.6 percent.

  • Forest placed second on that front at 64 percent net favorability. Robinson was the only other potential candidate to score above 50 percent net favorability.

  • The survey, which was shared with The Hill by a GOP source, suggests that should Lara Trump jump into the GOP Senate nominating contest, she would do so as the front-runner, potentially complicating things for other Republicans eyeing Burr’s seat in 2022.

  • It’s still early in the race, but there are signs that the GOP primary contest will soon heat up.

  • The Senate race in North Carolina is poised to be among the most competitive and expensive of the 2022 midterm elections. The state is a perennial battleground, and Burr’s retirement has only made the race even more competitive.