August 12, 2020/Media, Press

NEW: NCDP slams Trump for doubling down on pledge to eliminate payroll tax, defund social security

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Last night during a tele-rally in North Carolina, Donald Trump doubled down on his plans to eliminate the tax that funds Medicare and Social Security, saying “If we win … the payroll tax will be rescinded.” More than two million North Carolina residents rely on Social Security to stay afloat.

In response, NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin released the following statement:

“Social Security and Medicare are the bedrock of the middle class, and millions of North Carolinians rely on these hard-earned benefits. Either Donald Trump doesn’t understand this, or he just doesn’t care. Either way, he can expect an army of voters to remember his pledge, and to hold him accountable for his incompetent leadership on November 3rd by voting him out of office and electing Joe Biden as the next president of the United States.” 

Earlier this week, North Carolina Democrats blasted Trump’s executive order, as did the Capitol Broadcasting Company’s editorial board, accusing the president of just doing what he “thinks is in his best interest” while Americans are still hurting without economic relief from the pandemic, which has infected more than 136,000 North Carolinians.