July 14, 2020/Media

New Biden Plan Will Create Thousands of Clean Energy Jobs in North Carolina

Today, Vice President Joe Biden unveiled his plan to secure America’s clean energy future, proposing more than $2 trillion in new investments that would upgrade the country’s outdated infrastructure and generate one million new jobs. 

The plan would provide an enormous boost to construction, engineering and manufacturing industries in states like North Carolina and is the latest piece of Biden’s plan to rebuild the US economy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic downturn. It calls for the elimination of carbon pollution by 2035, upgrading 4 million buildings and weatherizing 2 million homes over four years. 

“Vice President Biden’s proposal today would secure our clean energy future and create thousands of good paying, union jobs across North Carolina,” said Wake County Commissioner and state Labor Commissioner candidate Jessica Holmes. “In addition to the boon this plan would give our manufacturing and engineering industries, the trickle down effects of upgrading our infrastructure and expanding broadband access would be widespread. This is a bold, exciting agenda that will bring our country, and especially North Carolina, into the future.” 

Biden’s plan also calls for the installation of 500 million solar panels and 60,000 wind turbines across the country to eliminate dependence on fossil fuels. North Carolina already has the second most installed solar energy capacity in the country, after California.