March 3, 2021/Media, Press

NCGA Republicans Prioritize Political Games Over Safely Getting Students Back In School

NCDP Chair Bobbie Richardson released the following statement after Senate Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly moved to reconsider the override of Senate Bill 37. 

“Our kids deserve better than these legislative schemes by Senate Republicans who seem to care more about launching political attacks instead of working to find a compromise that gets students back into the classroom safely. In their countless, hyper-partisan attempts to attack a popular Governor, Senate Republicans seemed to have forgotten who they’re fighting for. If they are serious about finding a solution that would help children, teachers, and parents, they would drop the stunt and work across the aisle to pass a bill that ensures public health is protected.” 

This morning, the WRAL editorial board released an op-ed blasting Republicans for the stunt and calling on them to work to pass new legislation: “There is an easy solution. Give the legislation a rebirth – new and not a scheme to get another veto override vote.”

“Their singular focus is on reflexive partisan attacks and belittling the current governor – no matter the cost to the state. This should have been a victory to crow about with a show-case piece of legislation where legislative leaders brought the governor into their fold and helped the state start to move out of the pandemic. Instead, they are howling into an echo chamber and reveling in the emptiness of their own applause.”