August 19, 2020/Media

NCDP Statement on Republicans Moving Forward with Trump and Tillis-Backed Lawsuit Gutting the ACA

North Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin released the following statement after the Supreme Court announced that oral arguments on the Republican lawsuit to strike down the health care law that protects people with pre-existing conditions will be heard on November 10:

“Republicans, from President Trump to Senator Tillis and on down the ticket, are continuing their unending push to end protections for people with pre-existing conditions, even as this pandemic has put a spotlight on how important health care is to North Carolina families. No matter how hard they try to deceive voters about their true intentions, Donald Trump and Thom Tillis both support a reckless attempt to upend access to health care for many North Carolina families and gut the vital protections millions of people across this state depend on. Health care is on the ballot this November, and only by defeating Trump and Tillis and other Republicans will North Carolinians’ health care finally be safe.”