October 28, 2020/Media, Press

NCDP Statement on Racist Dog Whistles in NCGOP Mailer

RALEIGH – In a new direct mail piece, the North Carolina Republican Party has used false information and race-baiting images to stir up voters in the final days of the campaign. The mailer even uses an image of a Black judge who is not on the ballot in 2020 — just the latest racist dog whistle from the state Republican Party.

The mailer, which clearly states it was paid for by the North Carolina Republican Party, is a blatant appeal to fringe voters with less than a week to go before Election Day.

NC Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin has released the following statement:

“This mailer is a disgusting example of the bigotry and discrimination that has permeated the North Carolina Republican Party for years. It’s dishonest, deceptive and blatantly racist. Judge Karen Eady-Williams, who received threats after a ruling this summer, is not up for reelection in 2020, which proves this ad is nothing more than a dog-whistle for the lowest common denominators among us. We call on the NCGOP to immediately end these advertisements and apologize to Judge Eady-Williams.”