October 29, 2020/Media

NCDP Statement on Lara Trump’s ‘Women for Trump’ event in North Carolina

Ahead of Lara Trump’s campaign stop in Johnston County today, NCDP Executive Director Meredith Cuomo released the following statement:

“The facts could not be more clear: Donald Trump has been one of the least supportive presidents for working women across our country. When it comes to access to health care, child care, wages and more, the Trump agenda leaves North Carolina’s working women behind. A photo op with the president’s daughter-in-law can’t change four years of attacks on women’s health, denigrating language about women and a complete failure to protect female entrepreneurs from the coronavirus pandemic. North Carolina women are waking up to Trump’s broken promises, and it’s why we’re voting in droves to replace him with Joe Biden — a president who will always have our backs.”