November 4, 2022/Media, Press

NCDP Statement on North Carolina Supreme Court’s Ruling on the Transfer of Funds in the Leandro Case

The following statement is being released by NCDP Chair Dr. Bobbie Richardson in response to the North Carolina Supreme Court’s ruling today that the General Assembly must fund and fulfill the financial demands of our public schools as provided for in the Leandro v. State of North Carolina case.

“This ruling is a massive victory for public education in North Carolina, for our students, and for the future of our state. Access to a quality public education should be a right for every child. Today, we are grateful that the court has agreed. Now, after years of Republican failure to adequately fund public schools, the North Carolina Supreme Court issued a ruling mandating that our General Assembly fully fund the Leandro Education Plan — providing our public schools with over $5.6 billion in education spending through 2028.

“For years, North Carolina Democrats have fought in our legislature and in our courts to ensure that public schools are a priority statewide — regardless of zip code — against the will of North Carolina Republicans who have sought to dismantle them. This first step means that we are that much closer to making those goals a reality and building a better future for the next generation of North Carolinians.”