June 30, 2022/Media, Press

NC Democrats Call Out NC GOP’s Extreme Anti-Choice Agenda

This week, North Carolina Democrats are calling out North Carolina Republicans’ plans to escalate attacks on abortion rights after their decades-long war to overturn Roe v. Wade. In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s disastrous decision, top Republicans, including U.S. Senate candidate and Congressman Ted Budd, are making clear that they’ll try to go even further and work to restrict reproductive rights and ban abortion in North Carolina. 

Spectrum News: NCDP, Advocates Slam “Anti-Choice Agenda”

WXII 12: Democrats launch digital ad claiming Republican plan to ban abortion.

ABC11: NC Democrats respond to Roe v Wade decision

In front of their headquarters, NC Democratic leaders called for attention to how the recent ruling of the Supreme Court on Roe v. Wade would impact North Carolina in upcoming elections.


Just yesterday top republicans made their abortion ultimatum clear.

They were asking Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein to go to court to have the block lifted on the state’s 20-week abortion ban.

Both sides are eagerly asking for change and encouraging voters to make their voices heard at the ballot box this upcoming voting season.

CBS17: Rep. Ross, NC Dems speak out after Roe v. Wade overturned

Democratic Congresswoman Deborah Ross and other North Carolina Democrats are reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

They spoke at a news conference Wednesday morning and CBS 17 asked Ross if anything is in the works to fight the decision.


The North Carolina Republican Party released a statement after Roe v. Wade was overturned, applauding the decision and calling it unconstitutional and flawed.

CBS 17 reached out for further comment Wednesday but as of writing, we haven’t heard back.

The Daily Reflector: ‘No one forces anyone to have sex’: Deleted Murphy tweet sparks backlash

A statement from the North Carolina Democratic Party said Murphy’s comments fall in line with the state GOP’s view of abortion exceptions for victims of sexual abuse.

“Congressman Greg Murphy’s comments are disgusting, wrong and shameful, but this is just the latest of the NC GOP’s attempts to excuse their extreme anti-choice agenda, including from their own U.S. Senate nominee Congressman Ted Budd, that supports abortion bans with no exceptions for rape or incest,” the statement said.