May 12, 2023/Media

North Carolina African American Leaders Condemn Mark Robinson’s Attacks On The Civil Rights Movement

Another report from CNN has found that Mark Robinson “repeatedly lambasted” the Civil Rights Movement during interviews with a conspiracy theorist podcaster, saying “so many freedoms were lost” and “baselessly” claiming that the movement was used to “to subvert free choice and where you go to school and things like that.” CNN also uncovered comments from Robinson calling the Greensboro, North Carolina, lunch counter protests a “ridiculous premise.”  

African American leaders from across North Carolina have issued statements in response: 

“Mark Robinson is an embarrassment to North Carolina and he should be ashamed of himself,” said Democratic Senate Leader Dan Blue. “Civil rights leaders should be celebrated for their bravery and commitment to seeking justice and equality – not a subject for his next conspiracy theory.”

“We owe a debt of gratitude to the civil rights leaders in North Carolina and across our country who led the fight against discrimination and made it possible for people like me to be where I am today,” said Democratic House Leader Robert Reives. “These comments minimize the sacrifices made by Civil Rights leaders who fought for years just to earn equal rights under the law.”

“Mark Robinson’s claims and conspiracies are the ‘ridiculous premise’,” said Greensboro Senator Gladys Robinson. “He has a lot to learn from the courage displayed by the four North Carolina A&T students at Woolworth’s lunch counter on that February day in 1960.”

“On behalf of the Legislative Black Caucus in North Carolina, we wholly condemn Mark Robinson’s comments,” said North Carolina Legislative Black Caucus Chair Rep. Kelly Alexander. “His ignorance is beyond reproach – we cannot have him represent North Carolina in the Governor’s office.” 

“As a result of my father’s advocacy and involvement, I was fortunate to have a front-row seat and to observe the making of history,” said State Senator Floyd McKissick Jr. “Mark Robinson’s sentiments are so deeply disrespectful, out of touch with reality, and fail to understand the tremendous impact and gains born out of the Civil Rights Movement that opened the doors of opportunity for all regardless of race.” 

“How dare Mark Robinson diminish the heroes of the Civil Rights Movement and the necessary work they did to wake the country up to the inequitable treatment and classification of Black citizens. So many people who come before us had the courage to stand up for their principles, convictions and beliefs, and to fight for them with passion, even if sometimes they were fighting a sea of opposition or standing alone,” said NCDP African American Caucus Chair Collette Alston and NCDP Second Vice Chair Dr. Kimberly Hardy. “Our work toward a more equitable North Carolina carries on their legacy – and we deserve leaders who strive to do the same.