June 9, 2021/Media, Press

5 Days 5 Ways: How Governor Cooper’s Budget Helps North Carolina, Clean Energy For A Healthy State

While North Carolina Republicans continue to draw out the budget process unnecessarily, the critical needs of North Carolina communities continue to mount and our families deserve an ambitious proposal that reflects the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we have to pay our debts and propel our state towards recovery. One way Governor Cooper’s budget will help the state recover by creating new jobs while protecting our vulnerable communities. Governor Cooper is proposing $400 million in clean energy project investments.

“Investing in cleaner energy, air, and water is critical to the economic well-being of North Carolinians,” said Bobbie Richardson, NCDP Chair. “Expanding clean energy technologies will create new jobs while combating the state’s vulnerable communities that are facing increasingly frequent natural disasters.”

Governor Cooper’s budget includes more than $100 million in expanding access to clean energy technologies, investing in clean energy economic development, and building the clean energy workforce pipeline to catalyze North Carolina’s economy. The budget outlines more than $14 million for clean energy start-ups and small businesses. In addition, over $300 million is allocated for environmental stewardship, increasing access to parks, and enhancing the state’s resiliency to future floods.

Addressing the real environmental threats facing North Carolina families is critical to the future economic success and safety of our state. According to a 2020 report from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, high tide events are projected to become a daily occurrence in 2100.