May 27, 2021/Media, Press

ICYMI: Rep. Graig Meyer Discusses “Transformational” Impact Of American Rescue Plan Funds For North Carolina

North Carolina is receiving billions of dollars to invest in the state’s recovery through the American Rescue Plan, thanks to President Biden and Democrats. Last night, Rep. Graig Meyer joined Capital Tonight to discuss Governor Cooper’s proposal for how the funds could be put to use in North Carolina.

Emphasizing how transformational the relief is for the state, Rep. Meyer said: “What you’ve seen from President Biden and the Congressional Democrats when putting these packages together is that they’re not just thinking about making up for what was lost over the last year. They’re saying, ‘last year really exposed where some of the fundamental cracks in our economy are and in our safety net, and how can we build a better way of supporting our people moving into the future.’”