June 3, 2022/Media, Press

ICYMI: False NRSC Ad Pulled Off The Air In North Carolina

The latest reports of North Carolina television stations taking down a false NRSC ad for lying about U.S. Senate candidate Cheri Beasley’s record proves just how far Republicans will go to distort and smear her candidacy.

“Republicans’ shameful attempts to mislead voters and lie about Cheri Beasley will not work. North Carolinians know that she has a proven track record of partnering with law enforcement to keep our communities safe – from her time as a public defender, judge and Chief Justice of our state’s Supreme Court,” said NCDP Chair Bobbie Richardson.

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CBS News: TV stations take down inflammatory GOP ad about North Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Cheri Beasley in response to complaints about inaccuracy

  • TV stations in North Carolina pulled an ad by the campaign arm for Senate Republicans after they were informed it had a false statement and language about North Carolina Democratic candidate Cheri Beasley and her record as a former state Supreme Court chief justice. 
  • The ad, titled “Failed Our Children,” ties Beasley to three child predators who were released or had their indictments tossed. They say in one case, which involved a man convicted on 12 counts of child pornography, that Beasley had voted to set him free. 
  • Beasley and the court heard a case on whether police could search a USB drive belonging to the man charged in the case, James Howard Terrell Jr., without a warrant. She and a majority of the court upheld a lower court’s assessment that the search had not been permissible under the “private-search doctrine” and sent the matter back to the lower court, but did not directly vote to set Terrell Jr. free. 
  • Democratic lawyers wrote to the TV stations to inform them that Terrell Jr. had remained incarcerated and was not freed by Beasley’s decision. 
  • “The defendant was not set free by the ruling as the ad claims. CMG will not run the ad when it contains a false statement on material issue. This ad has been removed from airing,” wrote a representative for WSOC-TV and WAXN-TV in Charlotte, N.C., in a letter first obtained by CBS News.
  • Another ad by the NRSC attacks Beasley over other cases of violent crime and portrays her as failing to protect them. That ad has been fact checked by CBS17, which similarly found the ads lacked context.
  • “Washington Republicans have been caught lying about Cheri Beasley’s record and their false attack was rightfully taken off television,” wrote Beasley campaign spokesperson Dory MacMillan. “Voters know Cheri worked with law enforcement to hold violent offenders accountable.”