April 9, 2022/Media, Press

Ahead Of Trump Rally, NCDP Calls Out Toxic GOP Agenda

Today, North Carolina Democratic Party First Vice Chair Floyd McKissick and Liz Beck, a Johnston County parent, held a press conference ahead of former President Trump’s rally in Johnston County, North Carolina holding the GOP Senate field accountable for putting political ambition and the special interests that fund their campaign ahead of North Carolinians.

Surrounded by local Democrats, McKissick and Beck called out the Republican Party’s toxic agenda that would raise taxes on 40 percent of North Carolinians, gut preexisting conditions protections, spike health care premiums, and end Medicare and Social Security.  

“As the Republicans’ toxic agenda continues to unravel, the choice could not be more clear: Republicans’ health care and economic plan is gutting the health care North Carolinians count on, raising premiums, and hiking taxes. Budd and the rest of Trump’s handpicked candidates will be a rubber stamp to the GOP’s agenda of tax hikes and raised premiums if Republicans win control of Congress,” said NCDP First Vice Chair Floyd McKissick.

“Republicans like Ted Budd, Pat McCrory, and Mark Walker running for the U.S. Senate who would rather sell out families like mine to further their political career or appease the wealthy corporations and special interests that bankroll their campaigns have no place in Washington,” said Liz Beck.