May 26, 2020/Media

AD WATCH: How Many Different Versions of Thom Tillis Will We See this Year?

Senator Thom Tillis is out today with yet another desperate attempt to reinvent himself, the latest in a series of extreme makeovers meant to rehab his dismal approval ratings and “image problems.” Yet amid Senator Tillis’ identity crisis, one thing has remained consistent – his record attacking North Carolinians’ health care and putting allegiance to Washington before the needs of our state.

North Carolinians have been subjected to many different versions of Thom Tillis. There’s the Raleigh insider who stopped Medicaid expansion “cold” and bragged about it earlier this cycle. Next was the failed Trump skeptic who, after writing an infamous op-ed and stating, “It’s never a tough vote for me when I’m standing on principle,” promptly “caved like a $4 suitcase” and “deserted himself for Trump.” Then he became Trump’s “new best friend,” a weak politician “consumed with currying favor” from Trump and who “abandoned the state he represents for the president he thinks he needs.” Now, in a transparent election year move, he’s applauding Trump’s handling of the current crisis while also attempting to tie himself to popular Democratic Governor Roy Cooper, whose strong response has been well-received. 

Senator Tillis is still searching for an identity because he can’t stand on his own record attacking North Carolinians’ health care, pushing policies that help corporate special interests over working families, and choosing himself over what’s best for our state. Amid the many Thom Tillises, one thing is consistent: “voters of all ideological stripes simply don’t trust Tillis.

“How many versions of Thom Tillis will we see this year?,” NCDP Chairman Wayne Goodwin said. “From a Raleigh insider who blocked Medicaid expansion cold, to a failed Trump skeptic turned Trump’s new lap dog even when it hurts North Carolina, he’s continued to show that he’ll put his reelection before being honest with his constituents. North Carolinians may not be sure which is the real Thom, but they do know he’s a weak politician who’s voted to gut their health care and who will never stand up for our state.”

Here’s the disastrous record Senator Tillis is desperate to reinvent:

Tillis has consistently tried to take away North Carolinians’ health care and pushed policies that help corporate special interests while hurting working families.

Tillis has consistently put the President before our state.

  • Tillis said the President “has taken every step he can” on coronavirus response. Just last week, Tillis doubled-down, saying Trump “has literally taken every step, bold steps I might add.” He even refused to disavow the President’s bleach comments.

Tillis is unpopular and North Carolinians already know they can’t trust him.

  • Republican voters continue to boo him at Trump rallies – most recently a day before the primary – and have called him “wishy-washy” and “a fair-weather friend.”
  • North Carolinians have asked Tillis, “How can we trust you?,” after he put the President before our military communities.
  • Senator Tillis is “strikingly” unpopular, has the lowest approval rating of any U.S. Senator up in 2020, and trails veteran Cal Cunningham in recent polls. Nonpartisan elections experts have noted that Tillis’ “self-inflicted wounds,” his “image problem,” and how his “personal favorability numbers are not good” because “voters of all ideological stripes simply don’t trust Tillis.”