September 10, 2018/Blog

Letter from the Chair: [POSTPONED] September SEC Meeting

To my Fellow Democrats and Members of the State Executive Committee:

This past Friday we learned that the storm in the Atlantic Ocean was expected to become Hurricane Florence over the weekend. That has happened. We have also learned that Florence will not steer from her present collision course with North Carolina.

With landfall anticipated on or about Thursday evening, and the impact on North Carolinians presently occurring before landfall, we’ve received many questions about whether will postpone our SEC meeting scheduled for this coming Saturday, September 15th. Even though scheduled for Raleigh, those of us who remember Hurricane Fran from the mid-1990s are seeing too many eerie reminders and know that Florence will impact the entire state.

Accordingly, after reviewing all the circumstances and consulting with the other Officers, I hereby postpone the September 15th meeting. This decision should come as no surprise. Stay tuned for a decision by your NCDP Officers and Executive Council on whether we can reset the meeting or not for a future date this calendar year.

Meantime, please take every precaution for you, your family and loved ones, and your community. Be safe, be smart.

Respectfully yours,

Wayne Goodwin, Chairman