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Meet Your Candidates for State Party Office

List of Announced Candidates

Learn more about announced candidates below! 
Candidates listed have notified NCDP of their official candidacy. Photos and statements published as provided by candidates. This information is not an endorsement by the North Carolina Democratic Party; the Party is committed to complete impartiality in the 2021 State Officers’ Elections and working to provide an equal and fair platform for each candidate. 
In compliance with the Plan of Organization, nominations can also be made from the floor during the meeting – this list may not represent all candidates who will appear on ballots.
Candidates who declare in advance have the opportunity to provide a videotaped remarks for the SEC meeting; candidates nominated during the meeting will necessarily deliver live remarks.

Candidates for State Party Chair:

Clayton Brooks

Town: Cary
County: Wake

I believe our Party’s greatest resource is our volunteers and you should be elevated and invested in more. I’m running for you, because cycle after cycle the Party has often let you down. No matter how hard you work, how effectively you organize, cycle after cycle the “coordinated campaign” moves in and just builds their own thing. And do any of us ever feel coordinated?

I want the State Party to be of service to you and your visions, helping you realize what you hope to do in your county, because quite frankly, you probably know best. I’ve laid out my 3 Aims on my website,, and trust me, I’ll be rolling out more. I want to help you build the best voter registration and turnout operation this state has never seen, for the municipal elections and in the game-changing midterms of 2022. We got this y’all!

Eva Lee

Town: Raleigh
County: Wake

VOTE EVA! I have the determination and proven ability to bring people together across gerrymandered lines, no matter where the lines are drawn, and close the digital divide. Your vote, your time, your individual ideas will decide the fate of our State for four years. Vote for me and I will personally answer the phone and respond to your requests every single day, yes, every single day.

I believe volunteers and their hours of time are not a commodity. I believe that volunteers of every age, gender, and diversity are the WE who deserve to be successful in Electing Democrats.

If you want to help NCDP actively recruit, train, and truly empower local precinct chairs, build a Party of WE that values volunteers at every level, a Party of WE that believes electing Democrats is how WE effect change, then cast your vote for me. Thank you.

Bobbie Richardson

Town: Wood
County: Franklin

I seek the office of Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party because I have the knowledge, skills and experience to lead our State party as a transformational leader. I am a lifelong Democrat who served at all levels of leadership. Currently serving as the First Vice Chair I understand the Party’s practices and procedures. I know day one, how to continue the distinguished work of this Party. As the leader, I will unite the Party, delegate responsibilities, recruit candidates, and launch a powerful and strategic voter registration and education drive, build partnerships and engage democrats from all sectors of our State. I am an inclusive leader who will bring stakeholders together to increase our election results, support county organizations and identify funders to build a stronger infrastructure. I will ensure that there is a qualified and diverse staff to implement the goals of NCDP. I would appreciate your support.

Chris Telesca

Town: Raleigh
: Wake

To take the party back from the big donors and their enablers. We can’t have unity without accountability and reform.

Candidates 1st Vice Chair:

Wendy Ella May

Town: Selma
County: Johnston

I am seeking the office of 1st Vice Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party because I have the knowledge, leadership skills and experience to lead our State party as an idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individual consideration leader.
I am a Democrat who served at all levels of leadership. Currently serving as the State Commander/ Chair of The Veterans and Military Families Caucus of The NCDP. I understand the Party’s Plan of Organization . I am ready on day one, to assist the state party chair with leadership as a transparent leader who will use my training in emergency services and church building to bring all parties together to increase our election results, I will work as a team member to support county, district, and auxiliary organizations.
I am ready to be a bright light for all people of the NCDP. I would appreciate your support.

Floyd McKissick Jr.

Town: Durham
County: Durham

Over the decades, I have served our party on virtually every level from Precinct Chair, to serving as the County Chair in both Durham and in Warren County, 8 years on City Council in Durham, 13 years in the NC Senate, as a Member of the State Executive Committee, and on our party’s Executive Council. Over the years, I have worked with and on behalf of many of you. I will build upon that knowledge, expertise, and network of contacts to expand our party’s political infrastructure across our state in urban and, more importantly, in rural areas. I have a reputation for being inclusive and for building consensus, based upon mutual respect. As a member of your new leadership team, we can collectively develop a visionary plan and the resources necessary to obtain Democratic victories across our state; however, your input and support are essential to accomplish this objective.

Candidates for 2nd Vice Chair:

Marilyn Carter

Town: Chapel Hill
County: Orange

NCDP needs change and I am committed to do everything possible to elect Democrats in North Carolina.

My grassroots perspective, field-tested agility and private sector experience are needed now. As county Chair, I empowered our people to try new approaches and learn from what works. I am most proud of our inclusive and diverse leadership team. Across the state, I and my team partnered with many of you to build the Party in your local communities (e.g., Biden Harris Yard sign program, County-to-County campaign).

NCDP needs leaders like me with fresh ideas and a servant’s heart (what I’ll do: your Q’s, my A’s).

Note–the incumbent sits on the State Executive Council as a DNC member; elect me and you’ll gain both of us.

I ask for your vote as our next Second Vice Chair.

(here’s my story | YouTube, MarilynCarterforNC | FB,

PDF en español, PDF flyer, Screen-reader-accessible PDF).


Byron Gladden

Town: Greensboro
County: Guilford

I can no longer watch rural voters be left out of this party, nor withstand attempts to make our tent smaller and less inclusive. Our party needs a leader who has been a champion for minorities and the most vulnerable. My service as a former member of the Guilford County School Board, a community advocate, and a hopeful soul for justice has prepared me for this step.

After watching Trumpism prevail and so many sit silent as it threatened our democracy and after attempts to justify violence and the denial of basic human rights, I realize we need a leader who will champion the cause of our party and support the success of what will soon be the first NC Democratic Party led by an African American. I must take a stand and that’s why I am announcing my candidacy for 2nd Vice Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party.

Matt Hughes

Town: Hillsborough
County: Orange

I have traveled to 56 counties focused on GOTV, fundraising, training, party building, & candidate recruitment. My priorities last term have included: supporting county parties, candidates, rural communities, the grassroots, while also making diversity a priority within the NCDP. Last year my leadership was recognized by the Biden-Harris campaign when I was named to their NC Leadership Committee.

More than 200 Democrats on the SEC trust my judgment, appreciate my responsive leadership, & believe I have served with distinction. NC Democrats know I bring people together through consensus, have deep institutional knowledge of our party, & support our big tent party through both diversity & inclusion, especially as our state party’s first out LGBTQ+ officer & one of two African-Americans serving in state party leadership.

I humbly ask for your vote & your support for re-election. Please visit to read more about me & where I stand.

Candidates for 3rd Vice Chair:

Shannon Auer

Town: Hickory
County: Catawba

As we approach the next 2 critical years, it is paramount that we are in the strongest position to assist the North Carolina Democratic Party from the ground up. That is why I am running for 3rd Vice Chair of NCDP. We must be focused on increasing enthusiasm, improving efficiency, embracing opportunities, and implementing organization. Let us work together to achieve the necessary goals for the future. I hope to have your vote at the upcoming SEC meeting.

Valencia Handy

Town: Fayetteville
County: Cumberland

I am running for NCDP 3rd Vice-Chair because we as Democrats in the State of North Carolina must do better. We have witnessed the power, strength and resiliency of our state and country as a whole during this pandemic and must continue to amplify the principles of the N.C. Democratic Party.

Despite the success nationwide to bring about change in the White House, here at home, we fell short. We need to pick ourselves up, brush ourselves off, evaluate what we’re doing, implement needed changes, and FIGHT Together. There’s much work to be done in preparation for 2022 and beyond. High priority should be placed on building bridges and strengthening community relationships. I am willing to go from Murphy to Manteo to provide support and training needed for all county parties to succeed. I ask for your support on Saturday, February 27 for NCDP’s next 3rd Vice-Chair.

Drew Kromer

Town: Charlotte
County: Mecklenburg

As a young person, it’s been an incredible honor to have served on the SEC, been the Vice Chair of the College Democrats of America, and represent NC as a 2020 National Convention delegate. But despite my time in these state and national roles, my proudest achievement has been serving as Chair of my local precinct in Davidson. In Precinct 206, we built a dynamic and effective community-centered party organization, recruiting hundreds of new volunteers and raising over $150,000 to win local and state races.

The path to victory in 2022 requires thinking outside the box and incorporating innovations in community-centered organizing. Like Stacey Abrams or the Wisconsin Democratic Party, we’ll need to energize our party with new ideas and have the willingness to commit time and resources to rebuilding local infrastructure. I’m the candidate who can help build a truly community-based organizing infrastructure—because I’ve successfully done it before.

Candidates for Secretary:

Angela Bridgman

Town: Wendell
County: Wake

I believe that my experience as Secretary of East Wake Dems, in addition to subbing as Secretary for CD-2 Executive Committee in taking accurate and detailed Minutes, and rendering them timely shows that I have the skills required.

Additionally, my work in Medical Billing and Coding (a very records-intensive business) for the past eight years demonstrates my ability to correctly maintain such records and to safeguard the privacy of same.

In recent times, there have, unfortunately, been occasions where documents were lost, and Minutes were not properly detailed, making it difficult, if not impossible to continue discussions on previously discussed/tabled items. Further, improper additions have been made to Minutes, reflecting things which did not occur in meetings. Further still, there are times when the Minutes have reflected a pejorative, rather than factual and dispassionate accounting of events.

Melvin Williams

Town: Beulaville
County: Duplin

LET’S RE-ELECT MR. GOOD NEWS! Melvin Williams does far more than the secretaries of most organizations. In addition to writing excellent minutes, through GOOD NEWS ABOUT DEMOCRATS, he has given statewide recognition to hundreds of Democrats who have never been recognized or appreciated before
Melvin is one of the most progressive Democrats in the state. On August 28, 1963 he joined Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and 250,000 more Americans in the famous MARCH ON WASHINGTON where he heard Dr. King deliver his historic “I HAVE A DREAM” SPEECH.
People frequently compliment Melvin for writing excellent minutes of Democratic meetings which are frequently chaotic!
In his ten years as Secretary, Melvin has taken minutes for 74 meetings:
– 42 Executive Council meetings
– 27 SEC meetings
– 5 State Conventions
The minutes of 69 of those 74 meetings were unanimously approved at subsequent meetings. That is 93% perfect!


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