June 29, 2020/Press

Where Is Tillis? Tillis Silent on Report that Russia Offered Bounties for Killing U.S. Troops

Over the weekend, several explosive reports detailed how Russia secretly offered Taliban-linked militants bounties for the killing of American troops, how that intelligence report “was briefed to the highest levels of the White House” and even “included in the President’s Daily Brief,” and how those bounties “are believed to have resulted in the deaths of several U.S. service members.”

Senator Tillis’ response? Silence.

Other Republicans, including Lindsay Graham and Liz Cheney, have called for Congressional action and an explanation of “who did know and when.” Yet Senator Tillis has refused to speak out about these disturbing reports or hold the Trump administration accountable for being weak on Russia.

“American service members were apparently targeted and killed by Taliban-linked militants as part of a bounty system paid for by Russia, and Senator Tillis can’t even muster a whimper,” NCDP spokesperson Robert Howard said. “These intelligence reports reportedly were put in front of President Trump and the highest officials in the Trump administration. Will Senator Tillis speak out and hold this administration accountable for refusing to act on reports that our greatest adversary put bounties on the heads of American troops?”