April 14, 2020/Press

Tillis & Trump Still Trying to Rewrite Their Record: China “Ban” Let Thousands of People Traveling from China into U.S.

Senator Thom Tillis continues to try to falsely rewrite the record on his support for the administration’s failed coronavirus response, applauding a travel “ban” on China that still allowed more than 40,000 people traveling from China into the United States. Overall, at least 430,000 people traveled from China to the U.S. since the Trump administration became aware of the virus.

Instead of launching an investigation of the administration’s failed response – including a failure to stand up to China – Senate “Republicans mainly focused on China.” In reality, the Trump administration refused to take immediate, decisive action to curb the spread of the virus, was late to implement a travel ban, and failed to implement tough controls – allowing the virus to spread unchecked throughout the U.S. for weeks.

Here are the facts:

  • Forty-six countries restricted travel to China before Trump acted, and most major airlines had already suspended flights to China prior to the announcement.
  • Trump took more than a week to act from when the National Security Council recommended restricting travel to China.
  • Since U.S. officials became aware of coronavirus in the end of December, at least 430,000 people have traveled from China to the U.S., with thousands flying directly from Wuhan.
  • More than 40,000 flew from China after the restrictions were imposed — many going through “spotty” screening procedures.

This isn’t the first time Tillis has tried to rewrite the record to cover for the Administration’s many missteps. Senator Tillis regularly applauded the administration’s failed response even as President Trump thanked the Chinese government for their “transparency” and his administration shipped critical personal protective equipment to China and other foreign countries.

Rather than act as an independent voice for North Carolina and stand up to the administration when they are wrong, Senator Tillis instead is trying to rewrite the record by looking past the administration’s own failures.