October 7, 2017/Press

NCDP & Matthew Victims to President Trump: Donate Money to Matthew Victims and Fast Track Aid

Lumberton Councilman: “Do the correct and moral thing: please donate the money raised from this glitzy fundraiser”

Raleigh – Today, North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Wayne Goodwin hosted a press call with local elected officials and people working to rebuild after Hurricane Matthew to call on President Trump to donate any money raised from today’s fundraiser to Hurricane Matthew relief efforts and fast track federal aid for Matthew.

Listen to the full audio of the call here; highlights below. Additional call details online here.

NCDP Chair Wayne Goodwin:

“President Trump has turned his back to the people of North Carolina right when we need him most. It’s time that he donate any money that his campaign raises at today’s fundraiser, and once President Trump is back in Washington, he should fast track federal aid to North Carolina.”

Rep. Garland Pierce (D-Hoke, Richmond, Robeson, Scotland):

“Just last week, I was at a town hall meeting and people are still frustrated for what they have not received and its heart wrenching to hear those folks continue to talk about a year later that their lives have not gotten back to normal.”

“All we see from Washington today is an administration that is not looking out for those kinds of people – hardworking folks.”

 “Republicans in our General Assembly have long forgotten about the victims of Hurricane Matthew. We have more than $1 billion in the rainy-day fund. And I definitely call what we’ve been through a rainy day.”

Kim Kilpatrick, flood victim from Kinston:

“My house has been vacant. It’s been vandalized. All of the electrical systems and plumbing have been stolen. I can’t move back into my home. Everywhere I turn in my city and county government, a door is shut.”

“People like me are hurting. We need this help. We need the federal government to step in and deliver more aid. Help us with FEMA and give us a chance to rebuild. Please, President Trump, donate whatever you raised today to Hurricane Matthew victims. And then go back to Washington and tell Congress and your administration to send us more help.”

Lumberton Councilman John Cantey:

“I was in the water and had to be rescued by a FEMA boat … Everyday I thank the lord for our lives and what little we do have. But the most hurtful thing is I have to look into hundreds of families faces and tell them there’s nothing I or the city can do for you.”

“I thank God for Governor Cooper. He and his family all were here today in Lumberton, in my precinct, assisting with the rebuild of homes in the community. Now that’s a leader. It’s been a year, and we need help.”

“I say to you, Mr. President. We are suffering. You have the power to help, to give aid and funding. And if you can’t do that, do the correct and moral thing: please donate the money raised from this glitzy fundraiser and give it to the suffering citizens you represent.”