June 26, 2020/Press

NEW: NCDP Launches “Tillis Unmasked” to Highlight Senator Tillis’ Weak-on-China Record, Election Year Bluster

The North Carolina Democratic Party today launched “Tillis Unmasked,” a new website outlining how Senator Tillis’ election year tough talk on China is nothing more than political bluster to cover up his weak-on-China positions. Visit the full website here: www.TillisUnmasked.com

Senator Tillis and Mitch McConnell’s dark money outside groups are desperately trying to reinvent Senator Tillis’ record on China. Just this week, a McConnell-linked outside group began running ads in-state, part of a more than $10 million ad campaign trying to prop up the vulnerable senator.

“Senator Tillis is following Mitch McConnell’s orders, trying to reinvent his record being weak on China in a desperate attempt to save his floundering campaign,” NCDP spokesperson Robert Howard said. “It doesn’t matter how many ‘China lied’ bumper stickers or face masks Senator Tillis tries to sell to cover up his weak record on China — North Carolinians aren’t buying it.”

“Tillis Unmasked” exposes three key aspects of Tillis’ weak-on-China record:

  1. FOLLOW THE LEADER: TILLIS FOLLOWS WASHINGTON GOP’S ORDERS. Senator Tillis is trying to sell a tough-on-China facade, but North Carolinians aren’t buying it. The truth is, Tillis’ new “tough-on-China” plan is nothing more than an election-year political strategy straight out of Mitch McConnell’s playbook.
  1. IF TILLIS IS TOO WEAK TO STAND UP TO HIS OWN PARTY, HOW CAN HE STAND UP TO CHINA? Senator Tillis claimed he wants to hold China accountable “and make them pay,” but he keeps showing he’s all bark and no bite. The fact is Tillis refused to speak up as Trump and this administration failed to hold China accountable.
  1. UNMASKING TILLIS’ WEAK RECORD ON CHINA. Senator Tillis has a long record of caving to powerful special interests and Washington Republicans, even when it means American workers get the short end of the stick.