February 14, 2018/Press

NCDP Condemns Media Personality Brad Crone’s Dark Money Effort to Elect Republicans

Raleigh – Today, the North Carolina Democratic Party publicly condemned campaign consultant and Raleigh-based media personality Brad Crone for creating a dark money effort on behalf of Rep. Nelson Dollar (R-Wake) in North Carolina House District 36 and possibly other Republicans after a document titled, “Independent Expenditure Campaign In Support of State Representative Nelson Dollar, R-NC 36 Wake County,” surfaced this weekend.

Dollar, the Republican General Assembly’s chief budget writer in the House of Representatives and the “House gatekeeper,” has been a key driver of Republicans’ reckless agenda that put the wealthy and well-connected ahead of everyday North Carolinians. His dangerous budgets have undercut public education, shifted our economy towards the wealthy and corporations and against our middle class, and blown a billion-dollar hole in our state budget. In short, Rep. Dollar is fundamentally opposed to the most basic values that bring Democrats together.

“Mr. Crone’s efforts to create a dark money group on behalf of a key member of Republican leadership, in one of the state’s most competitive districts, is disturbing and should cause anyone still working with him to question Mr. Crone’s real motivations,” NCDP Executive Director Kimberly Reynolds said. “Democrats are united in breaking the supermajority and sticking up for what we believe in. Anyone actively working to undermine those two goals is clearly not looking out for our values, and I hope that candidates and campaigns that choose to work with Mr. Crone will think long and hard about what their association with someone involved in dark money efforts to benefit Republicans signals to Democratic primary voters this May.”