July 13, 2020/Press

NC Senate Dems Raise more than $1 million in 2020, 67% First Time Donors

The North Carolina Senate Democratic Caucus has raised more than $1 million in 2020, more than double what was raised at this point in 2018. Sixty seven percent of donations to the Senate Caucus this year have been from first-time donors

“In 2018, we exceeded everyone’s expectations and we broke the super-majority in the Senate,” said Senate Minority Leader Dan Blue. “Now, our sights are set on taking the majority in 2020; These historic fundraising numbers are proof that we are serious about flipping the senate — and they are proof that we can win big in November.”

Of the most competitive races for state senate, all Democratic incumbents and challengers have more than $100k cash on hand and collectively have raised over half a million more than at this point in 2018.

“Our members have been working tirelessly in the legislature to block harmful right-wing bills and at the close of session we’re ready to turn our energy to flipping this chamber,” said Senate Democratic Whip, Jay Chaudhuri. “North Carolina deserves better than a Republican controlled Senate. 

Across the board, investment in the Senate Caucus has been record-breaking, both in number of contributions and in amount invested, ahead of the best chance to flip the chamber in more than a decade. The North Carolina Senate Democrats are working to flip five Republicans held seats to retake the chamber majority this November, and move North Carolina forward.