March 3, 2020/Press

Democratic Enthusiasm Surpases 2016 During Early Vote

Raleigh – North Carina Democrats saw a groundswell of enthusiasm during early voting as more than half a million people cast Democratic ballots ahead of today’s Super Tuesday contest.

“We are seeing a tremendous level of enthusiasm among Democrats and unaffiliated voters who pulled democratic ballots,” Chairman of the North Carolina Democratic Party Wayne Goodwin said on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” on Monday morning.

Experts agree there is “more enthusiasm among Democrats. This year, 15% more Democrats voted early than in 2016,” according to The News & Observer.

Across the country, Democrats are seeing big Democratic enthusiasm and turnout. In early states like New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. Now we are seeing sky high turnout in North Carolina, and have surpassed early vote totals for the 2016 presidential primary.

WATCH Chair Goodwin on Fox News


Fox News: North Carolina Democratic Party chairman praises record levels of early voter turnout
March 2, 2020

  • Democratic Party chair Wayne Goodwin discusses voter excitement for the top candidates ahead of Super Tuesday.

N&O: Nearly 800,000 early voters in NC — mainly Democrats — already had their Election Day
By Lucille Sheman
March 1, 2020

    • More than half a million people voted in the Democratic primary, while some 274,000 cast a Republican ballot, according to the latest numbers.


    • This year, early voters — in-person and by mail — surpassed those in the 2016 presidential primary by more than 68,000 voters, according to the most recent numbers released by the board. An increase of nearly 100,000 more in-person early voters drove that growth.


  • More than 47% of early voters this year were registered Democrats, according to state Board of Elections data. Nearly 27% were unaffiliated, and 25.6% were registered Republicans. Those splits were slightly different in 2016, where nearly 45% of early voters were registered Democrats, nearly 32% Republican and 23% unaffiliated.