December 3, 2019/Press

Damage from Primary is Already Done: Tillis Compromised His Values “Out of Fear,” “Was Still Booed” at Trump Rallies, & “Forced” to Spend Money Early

Raleigh – Senator Tillis’ uniquely weak reelection position didn’t go away overnight, with Tillis still limping into reelection following a “nasty” primary challenge that exposed him as a flip-flopping fraud.

His credible primary challenge exposed his weak standing with base Republican voters – Tillis provoked “anger from conservatives in the state” and “was still booed” at two different Trump rallies over the summer. Tucker exposed that rift further when he “took several shots at Tillis and did not offer an endorsement,” noting instead that Tillis is trying to “whitewash his record of flip-flops.”

The challenge “forced Tillis to spend money early.” Tillis “announced his own $2.2 million advertising campaign earlier this fall” which included an expensive back-and-forth specifically attacking Tucker.

And it pushed him to compromise on his values. “It was out of fear of a primary challenge that Tillis flipped on the emergency declaration,” leading editorial boards around the state to note how Tillis “quakes at every Trump tweet,” “desperately needs Trump’s support,” and “has abandoned the state he represents for the president he thinks he needs.”

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