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Our Values

Inclusion and Diversity

Build an Inclusive, Diverse State

North Carolina is a diverse state, full of wonderful people from all walks of life and backgrounds. Democrats believe every North Carolinian should be celebrated, and our state should keep pushing to be an inclusive, diverse place that welcomes everyone.

Our party is a big tent party. We believe that our diversity is a source of our strength – not something to hide – and we are committed to fighting for the civil and human rights of all North Carolinians. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin, who you love, how much money you make, or where you live, Democrats are fighting for you and your family.

"America is a nation of immigrants. Throughout our history, we have welcomed people from foreign lands who seek a better life and in the process enrich the quality of ours. While some Americans were already here and others were brought here forcibly, millions of our ancestors came to this land to enjoy liberty and pursue happiness. We are the beneficiaries of their ambition and America’s tolerance."

Attorney General Josh Stein

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