September 4, 2020/Media

Will Senator Tillis Stand Up for Veterans and Military Families and Against Trump’s Attack on Servicemembers?

Senator Tillis has refused to speak out against President Trump’s latest attack on our veterans and servicemembers, after a bombshell report from The Atlantic and confirmed by multiple outlets revealed President Trump attacked Americans who lost their lives in military service as “losers” and “suckers.” The report also details how President Trump asked wounded veterans be kept out of military parades, disparaged prisoners of war, and refused to visit a military cemetary while on an overseas trip because it’s “filled with losers.”

Senator Tillis response? Silence.

Earlier this week, Tillis stood with President Trump at an event commemorating those same veterans and servicemembers the President repeatedly attacked in these new reports. Yet Tillis can’t find the courage to speak out about the President’s latest disturbing comments.

That’s part of a pattern from Senator Tillis, who has repeatedly failed to hold the administration accountable as the President attacks veterans and servicemembers. Senator Tillis:

  • Voted three separate times to allow the administration to raid money from North Carolina’s military bases, which a new report this week showed. After Tillis flip flopped on the emergency declaration, one military family asked him, “How can we trust you?

“President Trump’s comments are disrespectful to every North Carolina servicemember, veteran, and military family, but what’s more disrespectful is that they don’t have a Senator willing to fight for them” NCDP spokesperson Robert Howard said. “From refusing to speak out on this latest attack on our veterans to not acting as hostile countries put bounties on our soldiers’ heads to laying down as the administration raided funding for our military bases, Senator Tillis has repeatedly shown he’s too weak to hold this president accountable.”