January 13, 2023/Media

WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: Republican “No Notice” & “Sneaky” Veto Override Rules “Built On Secrecy & Deception”

Recent media reports, editorials, and op-eds are holding House Republicans accountable for passing new rules that provide no notice for a veto override vote, calling it “sneaky” and accusing them of “deception and trickery.” 


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News & Observer: NC House Republicans find a sneaky way to override the governor’s veto


“Never mind that voters denied House Republicans a supermajority last November. They’ll find a way to get one anyway, no matter how much deception and trickery it requires. They say democracy dies in darkness. But in North Carolina, it might also be threatened if you go to take a pee break.” 


WUNC: As NC General Assembly session begins, Republicans take aim at Gov. Cooper’s vetoes


“House Democratic Leader Robert Reives told reporters that if Moore was so confident he had a ‘governing majority’ the rule change wouldn’t be necessary. ‘We got 10.8 million people that we’re representing,’ Reives said. ‘They deserve proper representation, they deserve not to have laws made that end up being gamesmanship.’”


WGHP: North Carolina GOP pursues path to overriding vetoes, opening door to abortion law changes


“North Carolina Democratic Chair Bobbie Richardson appeared unconvinced about Moore’s position. ‘The public deserves a transparent and accountable government – a hastily called vote while a representative is in the bathroom does everyone a disservice and erodes the democratic process,’ she said in a statement released by the party.” 


News & Observer: Nothing good will come out of Republican rules built around secrecy and deception


“Our body is capable of doing great things for North Carolinians. I can promise you, though, that nothing good will come out of a process built around secrecy and deception. It will lead to more partisan rancor and fighting among legislators. It will lead to more suspicion and mistrust from the people of North Carolina. Those are the last things we need as we confront problems like how to improve our public schools, how to address health care costs, and how to make our communities more safe and prosperous.” 


News & Observer: ‘Attendance matters.’ How NC House rules change may make it easier to bypass Cooper 


“‘Critical issues like women’s health, gun safety and voting rights are on the line, and Republican House leaders need to keep things above board and offer at least 24 hours notice before veto override votes as Senator Berger has done in the Senate,’ Cooper said. ‘It’s a shame that House Republican leaders believe they can only override a veto through deception, surprise and trickery.’”


CBS17: NC Legislative Session begins