August 17, 2020/Media, Press

Trump’s Hypocrisy on Voting By Mail is On Full Display in North Carolina

CNN: “Trump has criticized mail-in voting for months, baselessly asserting that it will lead to voter fraud.”

Raleigh – new story from CNN underscores Donald Trump’s hypocritical approach to voting by mail as his campaign actively encourages North Carolina Republicans to cast an absentee ballot (which is the same thing as voting by mail).

According to the report, the Trump campaign has sent mailers to potential supporters across the state — marked with pictures of Donald Trump’s face — with forms to request an absentee (mail-in) ballot. Trump has repeatedly said that mail-in voting would be “catastrophic” and lead to “massive fraud and abuse.”

Apparently those sentiments don’t apply when it’s his supporters voting by mail. Chandler Carranza, a North Carolina voter who received the Trump campaign’s mailer, said it best: “”The irony is very thick and definitely not lost on me.”

NCDP Communications Director Austin Cook released the following statement:

“In a masterclass of disingenuous campaigning, Donald Trump continues to trash voting by mail while also encouraging his supporters in North Carolina to do just that. Enough with the hypocrisy and the two-faced messages. Trump just requested his mail-in ballot from the State of Florida last week; his only problem with voting by mail is when Democrats do it. He knows that when all North Carolinians have equal access to the ballot box, he doesn’t stand a chance.