August 11, 2020/Media

Tillis Supports Trump’s Cuts to Unemployment, Medicare, Social Security

Senator Tillis, unable to pass a coronavirus relief package after going “awol” for weeks, is throwing his support behind President Trump’s executive orders that cut federal emergency unemployment relief in half and undermine Medicare and Social Security, calling them “important steps.

Tillis’ support for Trump’s possibly unconstitutional orders come as state officials wonder “how, or if,” the proposed orders would even work in North Carolina and “when, or if, people would receive” additional benefits. Worse, one of the orders raids funding meant to help states like North Carolina deal with natural disasters like hurricanes.

North Carolinians out of work are still laying blame with Senator Tillis for being unable to deliver a coronavirus relief package:

  • “Having to go back to this survival mode is really, really unsettling. And, it’s a stress that’s added on top of catching coronavirus on a daily basis,” one North Carolinian told CBS17. “I appreciate him trying to do something, but the real solve would be working with Congress, coming up with a deal that works for the American people.

Economists, meanwhile, have already said the executive orders could have “catastrophic fiscal effects” on programs including Social Security and Medicare, leaving them “on even shakier ground.

“Senator Tillis failed to deliver a coronavirus relief package for North Carolina, and instead of doing his job, he’s now applauding President Trump for cutting unemployment insurance and undermining Medicare and Social Security,” NCDP spokesperson Robert Howard said. “State officials don’t know how – or even if – people will see relief from these executive orders, but Senator Tillis is content to raid money meant to help states like North Carolina recover from hurricanes rather than deliver for his constituents.”