October 26, 2020/Media

Tillis Confirms He Hopes SCOTUS Will Strike Down Protections for People with Pre-Existing Conditions Yet Has No Plan for the Fallout

In two weeks, just after the election, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on a reckless Republican lawsuit to end the ACA and its protections for pre-existing conditions. Over the weekend, Senator Tillis let slip why he is rushing ahead with filling the Supreme Court vacancy before the election and before arguments – he hopes the Court will strike down the ACA and upend our health care.

In an interview with ABC11 in Raleigh, Tillis said, “I think the court will say we believe you’ve passed something unconstitutional, or segments of it, now we’ll put pressure on Congress to come back and vote again…”

What Senator Tillis didn’t mention is that he has no health care plan and no plan to provide for North Carolinians who lose protections if the Court strikes down the ACA. Senator Tillis has long lied about a replacement plan – a few weeks ago, he lied about having a conversation on the Senate floor about a new health care plan which shockingly has never materialized.

He’s also voted against the ACA 15 times, and voiced support for – and voted to support – the Republican lawsuit, and now confirms he hopes the Court can accomplish what he failed to do.

“Just days before the election, Senator Tillis confirmed one of the worst fears for many North Carolinians’ with pre-existing conditions – the Supreme Court, with the help of a justice he rushed to confirm, will strike down vital protections they rely on and upend our health care,” NCDP spokesperson Robert Howard said. “Senator Tillis has no plan if the Court strikes down these vital protections, even as he admits he hopes the Court is successful, revealing yet again that Senator Tillis doesn’t care about the families his reckless health care agenda will hurt.”