March 23, 2021/Media, Press

Three Questions For NC Senate Republicans As They Prepare To Perpetuate Election Fraud Conspiracies In Hearing on NCSBE

Today’s Redistricting and Elections Committee hearing in the State Senate is nothing more than an opportunity for Republicans to continue perpetuating conspiracies of election fraud in an attempt to weaken democracy, undermine elections, and lay the groundwork for more voter suppression bills. 

But they are at odds with members of their own party, including Rep. Madison Cawthorn, who have touted North Carolina’s election laws. 

In a CNN interview, Rep. Cawthorn said he thought North Carolina had a “very safe and very secure election.” He added “I believe our (elections) standards are some of the greatest in the country.” He even said “Our elections board is second to none. Roy Cooper did make sure we had a safe and secure election.” 


As Republicans in the State Senate attempt to raise more questions today about North Carolina’s election laws, we put together a few questions that they need to answer: 

  1. Do you disagree with Madison Cawthorn that North Carolina had a safe and secure election?
  2. Madison Cawthorn said that the NCSBE was “second to none,” and credited Governor Cooper for a safe and secure election. Is he wrong?
  3. Cawthorn recommended applying North Carolina’s election standards all over the country. Are national Republicans wrong to look to the state as a model?

This hearing follows the filing of S326, which would prevent North Carolina’s elections boards from collecting absentee ballots after Election Day.