August 13, 2020/Media

Thom Tillis Packs Up for Long Vacation Without Passing Coronavirus Relief Despite Promise to “Get It Done”

Senator Tillis and his Republican colleagues are taking a long summer vacation after Mitch McConnell adjourned the Senate until September 8th without extending emergency unemployment relief. Senator Tillis and Mitch McConnell’s inaction leaves North Carolinians out of work without critical relief.

While Senator Tillis enjoys his long break, North Carolina families across the state are in “survival mode” and still waiting on needed relief.

Tillis promised North Carolinians that he would stay in Washington until a new package passed the Senate, saying last week, “I’m committed to it, and we’ll stay here as long as we have to to get it done.

“While North Carolina families struggle with this pandemic and try to keep their heads above water, Senator Tillis is taking off for a summer vacation at Lake Norman,” NCDP spokesperson Robert Howard said. “Senator Tillis promised every North Carolinian that he would stay in Washington to ‘get it done,’ but he once again is failing to deliver for struggling families. North Carolinians out of work can’t wait another month for relief, yet Senator Tillis continues to show that he doesn’t care about them, only himself.”