August 19, 2021/Media, Press

NC Republicans Are Hiding Attacks on Free and Fair Elections In Budget Proposal

The Republicans’ proposal would cost taxpayers more money and would disenfranchise thousands of North Carolina voters

When North Carolina General Assembly Republicans finally unveiled their 600+ page budget proposal, it included attacks on our state’s free and fair elections. With their budget proposal, Republicans are attempting to sneak in efforts to  limit or strip election officials of their ability to ensure eligible voters have access to the ballot.

  • The proposed budget contains provisions that would strip the North Carolina State Board of Elections and the Attorney General to expeditiously settle lawsuits related to our elections. The ability to swiftly resolve these lawsuits are vital to the success of our elections. These provisions will inevitably lead to drawn-out and costly litigation leading up to every single election. And who will be footing that bill? Taxpayers.


  • Additionally, they are trying to sneak in $5 million to implement a voter ID law that is currently tied up in court but according to one appellate court shows “an intention to target African American voters” and could disenfranchise thousands of North Carolina voters. Instead of attempting to pour money into a controversial law that if implemented would make it harder to vote, we should be using those funds to meet the many current needs of North Carolina communities.

“Voting is a right, a responsibility, and is critical to the future of North Carolina. It is incredibly important that every eligible voter is able to access the polls and is able to vote in a safe, orderly way. Voting should not be partisan and this proposed budget is not the place to inject partisanship into our elections,” said Representative Allison Dahle. “We should be working together to make North Carolina a leader in voting. Let’s focus on passing a budget that works for the people and improves our elections and access to the ballot box. That is the only way we get to move forward.”