June 6, 2022/Media, Press

Thanks to Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, Raleigh to Richmond Rail Line Will Create Jobs in North Carolina

Last week, Governor Cooper, Congressman David Price and White House officials announced that $58 million is heading to North Carolina to create the Raleigh to Richmond rail expansion, thanks to President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. This critical funding will connect North Carolina’s economy to neighboring states, helping to create more jobs and economic opportunities along the way. 

While every Republican U.S. House member from North Carolina, including Congressman and GOP U.S. Senate candidate Ted Budd, voted against this federal funding, President Biden’s infrastructure package is already starting to create a generation of good-paying jobs in North Carolina and is a direct result of his agenda to grow our economy from the middle out. 

“While there’s still more work to do to bring down costs, President Biden’s economic plan continues to move our state and our country to a new phase of recovery,” said NCDP Spokesperson Ellie Dougherty. “Meanwhile, Republicans in Congress have put forward a very different plan, one which would raise taxes on North Carolina’s working class and jeopardize the retirement benefits of seniors in our state. North Carolina simply can’t afford Republican control in November.” 

Under President Biden’s watch: 

  • Last week, our country received another sign of the strength of our historic recovery and of the transition we’re making as we move to a new phase of steady and stable economic growth.

    • In May, our economy added 390,000 jobs – coming on top of the over eight million jobs already created under President Biden’s leadership.

  • The unemployment rate stayed near historic lows, following the fastest single-year drop on record.

    • The unemployment rate nationwide is 3.6 percent as of May and 3.4 percent in North Carolina as of April.

    • In North Carolina and across the country, Americans are getting back to work, with the labor force participation rate ticking up, continuing the progress President Biden’s economic progress made over the past year and a half.