June 21, 2022/Media, Press

Thanks to Biden-Harris Administration, Governor Cooper and Democrats’ Leadership, Nearly Every North Carolinian Now Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine

In a testament to President Biden, Governor Cooper and Democrats’ historic leadership in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, children ages six months to five years old can now get vaccinated against the virus. Late last week, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Center for Disease Control authorized and recommended the use of this life-saving vaccine for young kids, bringing peace of mind to millions of parents and families across the country. As part of this announcement, the Biden-Harris administration also launched a nationwide effort to ensure pharmacies, pediatricians, and other trusted providers have enough supply to ensure every parent can get their children vaccinated. 

This progress comes despite Republicans in Congress’ unanimous opposition to the American Rescue Plan, which provided critical funding to help allow North Carolinians to return to work and school safely. It also comes as many Republicans continue to do everything in their power to slow our recovery by ignoring science and attacking public health officials.

“Parents across North Carolina are finally breathing a sigh of relief and making plans to get their young kids vaccinated thanks to President Biden, Governor Cooper and Democrats’ leadership,” said North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Bobbie Richardson. “When these same parents head to the ballot box this fall, they won’t soon forget that Republican lawmakers fought every step of the way against the steps necessary to reach this milestone.”