October 26, 2020/Media, Press

Republican John Szoka Falsifies Candidate Frances Jackson’s Signature in yet another Dirty Politics Move

FAYETTEVILLE – Today it was revealed that Representative John Szoka and the Republican Party forged Democratic Nominee Dr. Frances Jackson’s signature from a form Dr. Jackson filed when running for office. This unethical action was then turned into an attack piece against Dr. Jackson in order to falsify her record and lie about her policy positions.

An independent document examiner confirmed that the signature had been lifted from Jackson’s filing paperwork, finds of that examination can be viewed here. The mailer in question made claims which have been thoroughly debunked by North Carolina media.

“I am, unfortunately, no longer shocked at the level of corruption Republican Party and Rep. Szoka will engage in, in order to maintain their tenuous grip on power. They know the only way to distract voters from their record on  under-funding our public schools and denying access to affordable health care is to lie and cheat,” said Dana Walton, Executive Director of the NC House Democratic Caucus. “North Carolinains deserve better than this from their representation in Raleigh”

The signature was used on several mailers which present a set of false and misleading attacks which are intended to deceive voters with lies and racist dog whistles, because North Carolinians don’t trust Republicans when it comes to kitchen table issues.

“It’s unbelievable to me that entrenched Raleigh Republicans like John Szoka would be so against ensuring North Carolinians had access to quality, affordable health care that they are stooping to forging signatures and flat out lying,” saidDemocratic Leader Darren Jackson. “If John Szoka felt like he was on the right side of the issue, he wouldn’t need to manipulate the people of the Cumberland County into supporting his candidacy.”