October 26, 2020/Media, Press

Campaign Photo Ops Can’t Spin Donald Trump’s Ineffective Chaotic Pandemic Response

In response to Karen Pence’s appearance in North Carolina today, North Carolina Democratic Party Executive Director Meredith Cuomo released the following statement:

“North Carolina voters are tired of Trump’s broken promises and chaotic leadership — and Second Lady Pence’s visit won’t do a thing to change that. On Saturday, Trump came to North Carolina and said ‘we’re rounding the turn, our numbers are incredible,’ despite cases surging across the state. Even as we mourn 4,183 North Carolinians and counting, Trump is trying to make things worse by suing to overturn the Affordable Care Act, threatening health coverage for millions. North Carolinians don’t need to hear more empty promises — we need leadership and competence in the Oval Office. We can get that, but only if we vote. North Carolinians — head to iwillvote.com/NC and make your plan to vote today.”