January 15, 2021/Media, Press

“Real Warning Sign”: Nearly 3,000 NC GOP Voters Switch Party Affiliation In One Week After Capitol Riots

The Republican Party is facing major fallout after perpetuating the President’s election fraud conspiracies and inciting violent insurrectionists to storm the Capitol and attempt to stop the electoral votes. Now, they may be seeing effects play out in the states. CBS17 reported Thursday that nearly 3,000 Republican voters have left the party in the past week. 


A poll from Pew Research Center released today found that the President will leave office with the lowest job approval of his presidency with “much of the decline” “among Republicans and GOP leaners:  Currently, 60% approve of his job performance; 77% approved in August.” 

Stained by a president who incited deadly attacks at the Capitol and threatened democratic institutions, Republicans are already trying to wash it all away, feigning calls for unity after enabling one of the most divisive events in the country’s history. But voters are fleeing. 

As Western Carolina political science professor Chris Cooper notes: “[I]f I’m the Republican Party, this is a little bit like, ‘Your temperature’s up, you need to pay attention to this and see if it gets worse.’ And if it does, I think it’s going to be a real warning sign for the party.”