August 31, 2021/Media, Press

ICYMI: Republican Budget Proposal funds fake, anti-abortion clinics that provide no actual health care

Rep. Julie von Haefen: “Not expanding Medicaid, cutting funding to reproductive healthcare programs, and giving money to fake clinics tells us one thing: Women’s reproductive healthcare is not a priority for NCGA Republican leadership.”

North Carolina Republicans’ budget proposal is a partisan wishlist that fails to provide access to health care and sufficiently fund our schools while instead dedicating $9 million of taxpayer money to fund anti-abortion franchises.  

These unlicensed and largely unregulated organizations do not provide medical care or clinical services – instead trying to block, intimidate, and shame people out of accessing abortion care. Instead of funding legitimate programs that would address the disproportionate maternal mortality among historically marginalized communities – the North Carolina Republicans insist on funding fake clinics which offer “no evidence of improving maternal/infant health outcomes, a critical metric in North Carolina, as our state has one of the highest maternal/infant mortality rates in the country, especially among Black families.”

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