June 29, 2021/Media, Press

ONE WEEK LATER: McCrory Remains Silent On New Evidence In Apparent “Straw Donor” Scheme

It’s been one week since news broke that nonpartisan campaign finance watchdog Common Cause NC found new evidence that U.S. Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s former employees were engaged in a “suspicious pattern of campaign donations” to Pat McCrory’s gubernatorial campaigns in 2012 and 2016. McCrory has been silent on the new allegations of improper campaign donations. 

The new evidence follows a bombshell report from last year that revealed GOP mega-donor Louis DeJoy was behind an apparent straw donor scheme, “a practice that left many employees feeling pressured to make political contributions to GOP candidates” like McCrory.

WXII reported last week that DeJoy, his family, and his former employees donated $300,000 to McCrory’s political campaigns. AsGovernor, McCrory rewarded his wealthy donors by appointing DeJoy’s wife to serve as North Carolina DHHS Secretary.

“Will failed candidate Pat McCrory take responsibility for pocketing campaign cash through this apparent scheme, or will he continue to stay silent?” said NCDP spokesperson Kate Frauenfelder. “As his corruption problems grow, Pat McCrory’s failure to speak out is further proof that when it matters most, he will always value his ultra-wealthy donors and his own political career above what’s right for North Carolina.”