March 4, 2022/Media, Press

North Carolina Democratic Party Celebrates Strong Slate of Legislative Candidates

Today, the North Carolina Democratic Party celebrated the filing deadline by celebrating the strong group of Democrats with diverse life experiences who have stepped up to run for the General Assembly.

General Assembly Democrats have routinely reflected the diverse life experiences of North Carolinians and this year’s candidates are no different. Legislative candidates include more than 60 women and 75 candidates of color, and the most LGBTQ+ candidates in history. Democrats running this year also include eight patriotic veterans, multiple firefighters, farmers, and faith leaders. And during women’s history month we are able to celebrate the first Latina woman, Lumbee woman, and first two Asian American Pacific Islander women running as Democrats for the North Carolina House.

“This year Democrats across the state have stepped up to represent their neighbors in Raleigh. As a party we know our diversity is our strength which is why I am thrilled candidates from so many different backgrounds have chosen to declare their candidacy,” said North Carolina Democratic Party Chair Bobbie Richardson. “Our legislators fight every day to improve issues that impact our lives by expanding access to health care and high-speed internet, strengthening our schools and preparing our students for the future, and creating good paying jobs right here in our state. They are the backstop we need to protect the Governor’s veto and the first line of defense to protect your best interests. I am excited for North Carolinians to get to know them before the election in November.”

Democrats in the General Assembly currently make up 100% of African American representation. Of the 44 women currently serving in the General Assembly, 30 of them are Democrats. Democrats are also the only LGBTQ+ and Lumbee members of the North Carolina Legislature.