January 24, 2022/Media, Press

#NCSEN GOP Candidates Trade Blows At Candidate Forum

The GOP circus came to Moore County last week as local Republicans held a candidate forum for the U.S. Senate primary. McCrory and Walker “leveled sharp criticism” and “stepped up their attacks” on Budd as he continues to gain ground in public polling and benefit from millions of dollars in support thanks to Club for Growth Action.

McCrory lashed out at Club for Growth, calling their mailer “full of lies,” while Walker questioned Budd’s independence, saying: “Somebody spends $6 (million) or $7 million on you, who owns that voting card?” Budd’s team fired back, calling McCrory a “thin-skinned, professional politician” who “doesn’t like to be held accountable for his mistakes.” 

North Carolina Republicans enter 2022 in a combative, negative primary. Check out the latest nasty infighting:  

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