February 1, 2022/Media, Press

WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: #NCSEN GOP Candidates “Struggling To Raise Money”

In the final months of 2021, the GOP Senate candidates had “no impressive hauls,” each failing to raise even half of what Democratic candidate Cheri Beasley raised over the same time period. For McCrory, his $750k haul marks his lowest quarter report to date and a “dwindling advantage” as he plummets in recent polling.

With “no shortage of infighting” and a long primary fight ahead, this “divisive,” “hotly contested” race is going to get a lot worse for North Carolina Republicans.

What they’re saying about the GOP candidates’ Q4 numbers: 

WRAL: “Monday’s campaign finance reports reflect growing momentum for Budd and a dwindling advantage for McCrory…Jonathan Felts, a spokesman for Budd, said: ‘We’re pleased to be the top fundraiser on the Republican side and we are pleased that our fundraising did not drop by 25% the way Gov. McCrory’s did.’”

News & Observer: “McCrory complained in a news release Monday about being attacked by Budd supporters, including Club for Growth, a political action committee that has pumped millions into attack ads against McCrory…But none of the Republicans could outraise the likely Democratic nominee, Cheri Beasley, who brought in more than $2.1 million — or about the combined total of all the Republicans.” 

Josh Kraushaar, National Journal: “#NCSEN: Yikes. Former North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory announces he only raised $750K in the fourth quarter.  Weak numbers for a former governor. If it wasn’t for the rest of the GOP field’s fundraising struggles…”

Jacob Rubashkin, Inside Elections: “ McCrory’s fundraising has gone down each quarter. In Q2, he raised $1.25 million. In Q3, he raised $1 million. In Q4, he raised just $744,000.” 

Natalie Allison, Politico: “North Carolina’s GOP Senate candidates are struggling to raise money. No impressive hauls in Q4 (now with all reporting $). Ted Budd (Trump-endorsed): $968K, per campaign. Pat McCrory: $748K. Marjorie Eastman: $423K. Mark Walker: $146K.”

Jessica Taylor, Cook Political Report: “Not the trajectory you want #NCSen”

Cameron Joseph, Vice News: “Not awesome esp given how expensive NC airtime is.”